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Jessica and DJ’s Wedding, Belvidere, TN

I was so honored (and to be honest, slightly nervous) when a friend of mine and her mother asked me to photograph this wedding. Having just been married myself, I know how important wedding photos are and how treasured they will be by the bride and groom and all their families. Though rain threatened all day, the skies stayed dry though cloudy, and Jessica and DJ enjoyed a wonderful wedding day at the home of the bride’s mother.
Shout out to all you wedding photographers out there – photographing a wedding is exhausting! And thanks to all the wonderful photos taken of my wedding by the fabulous Stacy Preston of Lynchburg, TN – they gave me lots of ideas!

Sam Allen – Downtown Nashville

And now time for a long-overdue post. This is Sam Allen, a local Nashville songwriter and music teacher who decided to go for his dream of a music career and start fundraising for an EP. Since he needed photos and head shots for publicity (and who doesn’t, right?) we went downtown to capture these photos. This was a really fun shoot for me, getting to use different shooting and editing styles. I am super eager to do more sessions like this in the future!
Follow this link to find out more about him and listen to some awesome music: