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January Head Shots

One could never tell by looking at these pictures and their graceful subjects, but it was way below freezing when we took these pictures – about 15 degrees.
Despite freezing our tails off (though I’m not the one to complain considering everything except my camera-operating fingers was all bundled up), the necessity of having a building with heat to duck into between shots led us to this beautiful location: under the front balcony of Wyatt Center on Peabody Campus.
Also, shout out to my brother got getting me an awesome 5-in-1 gray card and reflector set for Christmas! It’s the best.

And now for some that were taken in much nicer weather.
As in about 40 degrees nicer, to be exact. Ah, how dramatically Nashville winter weather
can change over the course of one weekend.

Hannah and Matt

I got to shoot this session literally right after my new lens came in the mail, and I sure do love it! As these two insisted that they had no idea what to do in front of a camera, I got in some wonderful practice posing couples (it’s been too long). Since he is actively enlisted in the military, they wanted some pictures together before he leaves. Thank you for your service, Matt!

Christmas Cheer with the Harris Family

These pictures were taken in and outside the Opryland Hotel. The lights from the giant Christmas tree made for some truly magical photos, and there was still some snow on the ground on one side of the building to run around in for awhile! By the end of the session, the oldest one declared that he “didn’t want to take any pictures ever again.” I think that means I did my job well, don’t you?;)